Coconut Grill Briquettes - the genuine alternative

A good grill master is characterized by the fact that he can prepare good and tasty food on any grill. This includes not only a first-class quality of the barbecue food, but also high-quality fuel. The best grill yields little if the coal is sooty and the food tastes more like the grill lighter and not itself. Barbecuing has a lot to do with respect. This may sound somewhat pathetic, but it is not so far-fetched. Hardly anyone barbecues just for themselves. It is simply much more fun to share this passion with others.

Barbecuing is freedom. Being outside, under the open sky, taking care of the fire and observing in the wild. The daily routine is far away, and that's a good thing. You probably also like to have your friends, colleagues or family around you and invite them to a barbecue. Great people with whom you like to be with and with whom you like to spend your time. It is important for you to offer them something decent. Therefore, it is important to avoid cheap meat and low-quality coal. The meat should have at least one animal welfare seal and the food should not taste like barbecue lighter. Respect begins with the purchase. As a grill master, you have the power to think outside of the box.

We recommend our coconut grill briquettes. They are a genuine alternative to ordinary charcoal. Instead of wood, they are made of coconut shells. To obtain charcoal, trees are felled and the wood is charred to coal. This requires an immense amount of energy. And as fast as the trees are felled, they cannot grow back. Meanwhile, only the shells of coconuts are used for our coconut grill briquettes.
Coconut Grill Briquettes
They are a waste product that would remain completely unused under normal circumstances. Our coconut grill briquettes originate from Cambodia. The Khmer Green Charcoal is the result of a project aiming to develop a clean cooking and grilling fuel. The Khmer, as the Cambodians call themselves, traditionally have a high charcoal consumption, which led to a reckless exploitation of the forest. The coconut grill briquettes emerged as a real alternative. We have taken up this idea and support it by offering the Khmer coconut briquettes also in Europe.

You will quickly appreciate the great properties of these coconut briquettes. They are perfect as fuel for grilling, BBQ or for the use of a Dutch Oven. The coconut briquettes are a natural coal. During their production no forests are destroyed, but waste products are transformed. Thousands of Khmer people now use this natural coal for cooking and in this way contribute to the protection of the climate. Every saved tree is a contribution to environmental and climate protection. Trees bind CO2. If they are felled and burned, a huge amount of CO2 is released. And not only that, the tree that could bind CO2 no longer exists.

Odorless and tasteless grill briquettes
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from coconut the perfect grilling experience ...

If you compare normal charcoal with the natural charcoal from coconut shells, you will notice how long the coconut grill briquettes burn. But not only that, they burn with much higher temperatures. This is due to the high density of the coconut material. It is densely pressed, which of course is not possible with charcoal.

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Odorless and tasteless grill briquettes

Barbecue masters know the problem when the barbecue food tastes like the fuel. Coconut grill briquettes do not give off any taste. They burn soot- and smoke-poor and that almost without residue. The Khmer natural coal is produced without chemicals. It does not give off any pollutants when burning, which can get into the food or into the breathing air. For those who value a perfect barbecue experience, the coconut natural charcoal is just perfect. The briquettes are completely tasteless and odorless.
A briquette has a burning time of over three hours. It is about 13 cm long and has a diameter of about 3.7 cm. It is hexagonal and therefore very suitable to be piled up. In its center it has a continuous hole, so that the heat during burning can be distributed evenly over the whole briquette. Coconut natural charcoal glows up to three times longer than charcoal and is also significantly hotter than ordinary charcoal. The ashes make up only a maximum of 4 percent of the product weight. This means that the coconut grill briquettes actually burn almost without residue. It does not go better. These coconut briquettes are a guarantee for a perfect grilling result in every respect.

Coconut grill briquettes - high quality and ethically sound

We at Longhorn-BBQ have been searching for a long time for a fuel that not only meets our requirements in terms of barbecuing. It should also meet our ethical standards. We care about what goes into the grill and on the grill. It is, as mentioned at the beginning, it is about respect. We want to make a positive contribution, both socially and environmentally. We would like to create a world worth living in in the future as well.
In Cambodia with the Khmer we found what we had been searching for over two years: Natural coal from a renewable natural product that would have remained unused as waste. Unlike trees, coconuts grow very fast and abundantly. So, there are plenty of supplies for the coconut briquettes. The palm tree on which they grow again does not have to be planted first and develop into a fully grown tree over the years. Coconut grill briquettes are sustainable.
The development of coconut briquettes has changed the lives of many Khmer for the better. Khmer Green Charcoal is a local employer with over 40 employees. They all have a secure job, earn good money and can send their children to school. And by the way, in Cambodia one hectare of forest is saved from being cleared and burned every three days by the production and use of coconut briquettes.

Be a grill master and do good - with coconut grill briquettes from Longhorn-BBQ

You too can make a contribution to a better life now and in the future. Use our Khmer Green Charcoal, the coconut natural charcoal, and see for yourself! You are the grill master and you decide about fuel, barbecue and grill.
With our Coconut Grill Briquettes you will have the ultimate barbecue fun and at the same time help to alleviate some of the poverty in Cambodia. The coconut shells come from the restaurants of the capital Phnom Penh and are delivered for further processing. The shells are crushed, pulverized and then pressed into shape. All this is done by hand with robust tools and manually operated machines. This work deserves every respect. With this knowledge and the high quality of the fuel you can convince your guests as a grill master.

This work deserves every respect.
Grill briquettes from Longhorn-BBQ
Grill briquettes from Longhorn-BBQ grilling is our passion. At Longhorn-BBQ you will find fire bowls, fire plates, kamado grills and swing grills. In our assortment you will find everything you need for a great barbecue evening with your friends or family. We also have barbecues, goulash kettles and campfire pans for larger groups of barbecues around the campfire. We have everything you need for a great barbecue experience in our program. You too can make a contribution to a better life now and in the future. Use our Khmer Green Charcoal, the natural coconut coal, and see for yourself!

Khmer Green Charcoal, the coconut natural coal